Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nanowrimo at an end

So Nanowrimo has come to a close for everyone. It looks like more than 9,700 people have won this year. I have no idea how many joined, so I really can't say what that means.
Cybele, Morrow Planet and Ruth Nestvold are among the winners. Congratulations to them and everyone else.
Writer Ian McDonald has some thoughts on Nanowrimo:

Depressed by all the eager beavers in the NaNoWriMo horde --but I just know that I tried to crack out that much wordage in a month, it would be excrement --I'd be writing ahead of myself. I need to think and think carefully about who's going where why how and what he or she needs to achieve and develop from it. I know from past experience (even though I write from a detailed synopsis that the book gets sold on) that if I can't see where I'm going --a kind of literary relativity where events ahead are so foreshortened I can't navigate around them) --it results in slack, reactive and indulgent writing. Two pages a day (bit more because I'm playing catch-up, as Henry Kelly used to say on 'Going for Gold') But hats off to those who can, and did.

Actually, I think most of the Nanowrimo novels will have a large portion of excrement in them. But that's not really the point. It's a game, first of all, a rush to the end. Second of all, it's inspiration for writers. That's the way it's working for me. After finishing, I've already started working on a short story and hope to keep working on words every day. I've said this before, but I'm getting fed up with my dilly-dallying instead of writing. If I'm every going to write fiction, and sell it, I have to get serious and I'm getting too old to wait any longer.
And really I should be writing right now. So congratulations to all you winners out there.

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