Friday, December 09, 2005

A ramble: Metaxucafe, new blogs and A Fan's Notes

I'm really loving Metaxucafe. Not only does it give me a chance to discuss issues with other bloggers and serve as inspiration to do a better blog, but it alerts me to many other lit bloggers out there and what excellent reading is to be had.
Just now, I came across Golden Rule Jones and a post quote Frederick Exley's "A Fan's Notes." Go there and read the quote, it's good writing.
Now I have a real jones to dig out my copy of that book and reread it. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Exley's voice. To this day (I read it when I was maybe 21), I still remember little details from the book -- the way he reads the New York Times every Sunday, the definition of the word "apostasy," and Exley describing himself as a young man dressed in the style of Capote in scarf and hat -- although much of the larger details of plot have fallen away. It really was an excellent novel and one I'll have to go back to.

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