Wednesday, December 07, 2005

More great SciFiction appreciations

Three great new appreciations have gone up at the EDSFProject. The first is Bob Urell's take on "A Man of Light" by Jeffrey Ford. "A Man of Light" is one of Ford's more perplexing stories, full of imagery and ideas and less powerfully set on characters. But Urell doesn't delve all that deeply into it. Instead, he offers what he feels reading a Jeffrey Ford story is like. And though I wouldn't have described it the same way, I still think he's right.
The second is Nathan Ballingrud's appreciation of Struwwelpeter by Glenn Hirshberg. It's a perfect combination of two horror writers (and two new bloggers). Ballingrud focuses on the writing, the little details that make the story sing.
The third is Tim Pratt's appreciation of Over Yonder by Lucius Shephard. This is a story I haven't read, but you can always be sure that a Shephard story is worth your while, and Pratt does an excellent job telling you why.
Have you done your part for SciFiction and signed up to do an appreciation of a story? There are still about 150 stories left. There isn't a clunker to be found in the bunch. Pick one out and tell the world how much you liked it. SciFiction is nearly gone and we should be celebrating its existence.

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