Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ad problems

Every time I've stopped by this blog today, I've encountered a pop-up ad. I've written to Blogger support to see why this is happening. If this turns out to be Blogger or Blogspot putting these ads on my page, I may have to consider my options. I really hate pop-up ads, especially ones that claim to be helping you with "Windows registry."
Until that's sorted out, my apologies to anyone encountering pop-up ads when they visit here.

UPDATE: Thanks to Chris in my comments, I've found out that my stats counter is the problem. Here's the
explanation he linked
for me:

Scince NedStat basic has been sold pop-up banners appear on the sites featuring the free counter. Many people have reacted in shock and many announced to remove the counter from their websites.
Nedstat has been sold and is now called Webstats4u (yeah, agreed, its a lame name). In the news is that the statistics pages will generate popups on the websites using NedStat.

At this moment I dont see pop-ups appear on my websites but as soon as they begin to appear I will remove all Nedstat Basic counters from all websites I maintain. With pain in my heart as the MOTAS counter registered over 15295461 pageviews up to now.

The reason for the popups is that developement costs money. Sadly they don't mention they just bought all so there wasn't any developement costs to begin with besides a new site lay out.

We want the old NedStat back!

I'll be getting rid of my stats counter immediately. Any suggestions for a new one?


Jeremy said...

Never had that happen on blogger myself. I bet you have some spyware doing it.

Brian said...

That was my thought too. That's why I'm hoping the Blogger Support Team gets back to me. What do I do about it if it is spyware?

Chris said...
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Chris said...

The problem is your NedStat counter. See this forum post.

Brian said...

Thank you very much, Chris. I'm updating this blog post and adding the explanation.

cybele said...

I had nedstats>webstats4u and had the same issue and removed it from my site (the candyblog one) when I discovered it a couple of months ago.

Not only were they popup ads, but nasty ones that wanted to install spyware.

I'm now using StatCounter.com, which has really great stats but you have to log in, which means you can't have transparent stats so that your users can see them (which I kinda like).

I tried bloggingstats.com and was rather unhappy with them in the end (their site isn't very reliable).

(Congrats on the novel!)

Mike said...

I've liked the free versions of both sitemeter.com and, lately, mybloglog.com.

Sitemeter makes you add that dorky little rubik's cube image unless you pay, but their stats are pretty robust for a small-fry like myself. Mybloglog is nice in that it can track the links people click in your posts...that's been fun to watch...but the free version is a day behind real-time.

Mr. Faust said...

I use StatCounter - makes it easy to drill down into stats. And you can make them invisible if you want.