Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Space filler

I've had nothing to say these last couple of days. That's too bad considering my traffic has been picking up with all the people checking out the 15 things about books posts I made. By the way, I've been updating the Other People's 15 Book Facts post. I've found over 80 blogs that have posted that meme and I'm still finding more. Bloggers range from romance writers to homeschoolers to just plain old bloggers (like myself). Do all memes have that kind of reach? I want to thank everybody who has been commenting lately. I love to hear from you.
Anyway, posting might be a little slow this week unless I get inspired. But I really think I should be concentrating on fiction writing and stop wasting so much time online. There's just too much good stuff to be read out there, I can't read it all. I'll try to post before the holidays. Ciao for now.

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