Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blogging about writing

Joe Clifford Faust has an interesting post on writing and blogging. He suggests that blogging can be an aid to a writer, forcing them to sit in front of their computer every day and write. Here are two things he says:

If you blog about your writing experiences, I think it helps you internalize them. This could be a great tool for beginning writers, who don't yet know how they work. It's also good for the readers, who can learn from our experiences and many, many mistakes.

The writer's blog is exactly what you want to make it. A checklist of your daily progress. A log of your struggles as you stare into the screen. A post-it place for excerpts of the day's work. A storehouse for notions, ideas, and projects. A place to air your fears and reveal your aspirations. Or all, some, or none of the above.

The post got me thinking about my blog and how I could use it to help my writing. I worry that blogging about writing would be boring for readers. But I've found in the last few months, if something interests me and I write about it, other people seem to be interested. In November, I blogged every day about Nanowrimo. They weren't all the greatest posts, but they weren't bad. And I noticed other people commenting on it.
So I'm thinking I may start taking Faust's advice and begin noting what I've done each day on my writing. At the very least, I might embarass myself into writing more each day.
As for today, well I haven't done any writing. I've got a story started from a few days back, but I have no idea where I want to go with it.
Tomorrow (the procrastinator's favorite word) will be the day I start this. I'll get writing and I'll start telling you about it. With any luck, I won't bore you away.

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