Friday, December 02, 2005

Metaxu Cafe

I've started visiting and have become a member of MetaxuCafe. It's a place for literary bloggers and people who read literary blogs. The front page is set up like Arts & Letters Daily or The Page, except with headlines and comments from literary bloggers. There's a page for all the headlines of the day. Inside, there's a forum to discuss blogging and literature and the meeting of both. It seems like a really good service and I'm trying to get more deeply involved in it.
In other news, I've nearly completed changing my blog roll. I've taken some sites out and added others. If you have questions about why you were placed in one category or another, ask away and I'll try to explain myself. Also, if you want to tell me if the links are more helpful this way, or if you have other suggestions, feel free.

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