Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Promoting underrated writers

At Syntax of Things, lit bloggers have put together a list of underrated writers who deserve more attention:

we decided to ask a wide range of litbloggers to tell us the writers who aren't receiving the attention they should. We allowed the contributors to define "receiving attention" however they preferred, whether it be by the NYTBR, or all of print media, or the litbloggers, or some combination, basically however they chose to define it. We asked each to provide us with up to five names and a short explanation as to why each writer deserves more attention.

You can find the list here. A few writers (most of them nominated by Gwenda Bond) I'm well aware of and glad to see support for them: Jeffrey Ford, Geoff Ryman, Carol Emshwiller and Poppy Z. Brite. There's many more I'm going to have to read up on and see if I can't read some of their stuff. Check it out, it's a very interesting list.

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