Monday, November 14, 2005

SciFiction has been cancelled

By now you've all heard the terrible news. SciFiction will be no more thanks to decisions made by the SciFi Channel. Here's Ellen Datlow's message about it. And there has already been some great commentary on this. And all of the links I've mentioned so far were really easy to find. I imagine there's a lot more people out there talking about this.
There's also Datlow's message board as well. Here's where they are discussing the loss. Of course, this means Datlow needs a job. Someone out there must be smart enough to create a magazine for her, or install her in one already in existence. She really is one of the best editors in the science fiction, fantasy, horror genres there is. This is the woman who discovered William Gibson. She has published all of the big names. I really hope she gets something new soon. In the meantime, check out her own Web site at
This is a huge blow to the Internet science fiction community, as well as the science fiction community in general. SciFi channel is making a big mistake. How much could this be costing them? Certainly less than those crappy movies they make. And it adds prestige and, oh yeah, actual good science fiction to their channel. But prestige doesn't make you money.
There are other markets of course, but it's just sad to see. Take a look through the SciFiction archive and read some of the great stories available before the SciFi Channel takes them down.
UPDATE: You know, I'm starting to rethink some of my more sarcastic comments about SciFi Channel. I still think it's stupid for them to cancel SciFiction. However, I would like to note that it has been wonderful of them to put this up in the first place and to keep it running longer than most people thought it would. So, SciFi channel, thanks for what you have done for us, some of it has been really great. Now what are you going to do?

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