Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 8, still amazed at my good fortune

I've completed another 1,800 words today. My plot has moved along and some new complications have occurred to me. This is all to the good. I'm really happy with how easy this has been so far for me.
In the past, I've always met resistance pretty early and get behind. This year I'm ahead. My chapter process is working well. Part of the reason I believe that's helping me is that I don't try to do too much. I work on my idea and get it finished in 2,000 words (or thereabouts) and I don't try to move onto the next thing in the same day. Instead, I let my subconscious stew over the plot and characters and usually by the next morning I have somewhere to go with it all.
Anyway, I think that's why it's working. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I won't be able to write more than 100 words.
As for Nanowrimo on the Web, one thing everyone must check out is the blog Paperback Writer. In just the past few days, she has had Ten things for writers that cost nothing, 12 step editing and 10 things for Nanowrimo'ers. I'm going to be checking this blog out more and more often.
Found through Paperback Writer, Wired News has an article on Nanowrimo.
And that's it writing wise for me today. Good luck writing.

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