Monday, November 28, 2005

Nanowrimo, Day 24 through 28

Well, it was the Thanksgiving weekend but I still managed to get a lot of writing done. And then I took a day off Sunday, which was nice. Today, I got back to things and wrote another 3,000 words, the most I've done in one day. I'm trying to wrap things up and I'm at 49,820 words now. I'll definitely be done tomorrow.
My novel seems to be an "And Plot" type of story, as recorded in the Turkey City Lexicon:

And plot
Picaresque plot in which this happens, and then that happens, and then something else happens, and it all adds up to nothing in particular.

I think this is probably endemic to Nanowrimo. If you don't decide what the story is about at the beginning, you end up sending characters to one place, then another and they get in trouble and they get out of trouble and they never seem to go anywhere. That is definitely my problem. I got all tangled up at one point and the plot just sort of circled around a couple of things that don't much matter to the characters interior lives.
Anyway, that's what it is and I'm still very happy with having returned to Nanowrimo this year.
Hope everyone else is doing well and nearing the finish line.

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