Friday, November 04, 2005

Nanowrimo, Day 4, moving right along

Another day complete. I wrote 1,919 words. Pretty good, best day since the first day. And it moved along well, no slow searching for where to go like yesterday. All well and good. But tomorrow begins the real test. It's the weekend. Normally, I'm not online (so don't expect much in the way of updates until Monday) and try to spend as much time with my fiancee as possible. Squeezing in some writing may be difficult. I know I can take out my AlphaSmart Neo in the morning and get some writing done while she watches her Food Channel shows. Unless of course we have some errands we have to do. An obstacle to be overcome.
In fact, this is where my chapter plan may run into problems. In past years, I could get a lot more words in ahead of time and not struggle the next day. (Although, I'd then end up struggling somewhere else down the line.) But with the chapters, I like to end one chapter and then spend one night thinking about the next. This way I come to it fresh and ready to go. But if I fall behind, making that up will be tough. Well, I'll report back on Monday and tell you how it all turned out.
Meanwhile, there's been some more writing about Nanowrimo.
At Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the contest inspires Sarah to write about first novels, deadlines and rewriting.
At Return of the Reluctant, Edward Champion offers the writing advice of Jack Bunyan. It's not pretty.
Writer Jim Winter is using Nanowrimo to write his novel Road Rules, here's the category that has all the entries about it.
Paperback Writer offers ten things for Nanowrimo'ers.
And through that same Web site, I found a link to this piece of advice:

I am so insanely tired of all the nanowrimo idiots who post about their characters and how they have a journal and what they had for lunch... STFU about your novel. No one cares. STFU about your characters. You are an attention-starved moron.

And I've always been one to take good advice when I hear it, so good night and good luck for the weekend. See you for more of my attention-starved twitterings on Monday.

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