Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 3, the first slog

So, I've completed another 1,800 words today. It took me longer this time and I found myself easily distracted. However, my chapter idea still seems to work. I am usually able to round out an idea in at least 1,666 words. Still, I've yet to write anything I feel good about. This is to be expected from Nanowrimo, its purpose is just to cause writing, not to make it good. That's for later. But if one good sentence happened to pop out, it certainly would make me a tad happier.
There's been some interesting commentary about Nanowrimo online. CAAF of Tingle Alley has begun the event and finds herself already behind. Don't worry, you'll catch up. Just look at Cybele's stats from last year, and she made it.
Meanwhile, Meg Mccarron has some thoughts about the event:

NaNoWriMo annoys me for reasons I can't totally explain, and I suspect has something to do with snobbery, as much as it has something to with my (I think) more valid annoyance with the "No Plot? No Problem!" dictum and the Mo's popularization of wordcount bars. I can write 3,000 words of crap no problem. But then I have to delete them all. Because I had no plot. And that was a problem.

While she's grumpy about the whole thing, she is vaguely supportive of at least some people doing it. She elaborates in her comments section. It's certainly worth a read.
This in turn prompted David Moles to consider easy writing vs. hard writing. It's only slightly related to Nanowrimo, but is fascinating nonetheless.
Meanwhile, on the Morrow Planet, Mike blogs about the issues he's facing achieving 50,000. He also has a neat widget up showing his progress. I should get one for my site, but I'm just not sure I want to spend the time.
If you're looking for more wrimo antics, check out this Live Journal community.
So all in all, Nanowrimo is keeping the blogosphere busy. It's certainly giving me something to write about.

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