Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Nanowrimo, Day 15: The halfway point

I've reached the halfway point in Nanowrimo and I'm up to 27,199 words. Today started out slow. I found myself unable to avoid my Avoidance Techniques (patent pending) and slowly worked my way toward the novel. However, once I got started the plot rolled right along. I split a few characters up, brought a couple of them together and headed towards some confrontations. There was even an action scene today. Not bad for one set of 1,900 or so words. I'm feeling pretty good heading into the second half of November.
Mike at Morrow Planet is trying to catch up. He's currently at 20,023 words. But his dedication to writing has even inspired his daughter to say her first sentence. Congratulations Mike.

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Mike said...

Thanks Brian!

The writing has been slow, but steady...but most importantly: fun.

Keep it up!!