Monday, November 14, 2005

HBO: Rome renewed

According to Rome's official Web site, the HBO show is coming back for a second season. This pleases me. I've been watching it all season long and was getting a bit worried about the show. There doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about it out there. This weekend's episode was particularly good with an extraordinarily bloody fight scene at the end.
The show isn't up to the quality of the Sopranos, but it's still one of the best things on TV right now. Anybody else watching this show? Like it or hate it, tell me what you think.


Jeremy said...

I am definitely watching this, although I am a couple of episodes behind. I don't care at all about Caesar and the rest of the famous figures. Its the two centurions that have got me hooked on the show. Their stories are way more interesting.

Brian said...

There's no doubt that Pullo (Pollo?) and Vorenus are the center of the show, and the most entertaining part. (Although I love Atia, Octaivius and Octavian as well.)
But what I do like about the larger, historical figures is the way they keep you enjoying the adventure of it, despite the fact that you know how it's going to end. I loved Pompei's trek toward his death and his traitorous servants and the generaly gritty feeling of the whole thing.
On the other hand, when you read stuff about Cato the Younger and find out how fascinating he was, and how miserly he was portrayed on the show, it's a bit disappointing.
Anyway, thanks for responding.