Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lemmy before Welsh assembly: Legalize heroin

Lemmy, mastermind of Motorhead, appeared before the Welsh assembly and called for the legalization of heroin. Here's some quotes:

[Heroin] turns them into thieves and liars.
It removes them from the social circle. All they are thinking about is junk.
They will do anything. They will sell everything they've got and steal yours and sell that.

You can't keep people from doing what makes them feel good. The reason they do heroin in the first place is because of the oblivion it gives them.

Lemmy's presentation wasn't light hearted. He meant it. Here's part of his motivation:

He met junkies on the music scene and described how one woman he lived with tried the drug "to see what it was like". She died within three years, and was one of many people he said he had known killed by heroin.
He explained how his hatred of the drug was so strong he once turned in a dealer to the police, who then went to jail. But he said the dealer was freed in about six months.

In another story, Lemmy's quoted on why the drug war doesn't work:

If you send a young heroin user to prison he will “certainly be a criminal when he comes out“.

“Probably, they will also be brutally sodomised by long-term prisoners and polarised against society in general, and force of law in particular.”

Reading from a pre-written speech, he went on: “You have tried heavier and heavier policing – it hasn’t worked has it?

“Know why? It’s because you cannot keep people from doing what makes them feel good.

“If a junkie has a regular supply of heroin, most are quite able to do a job.

“They will never rehabilitate until somebody – you – gives them a chance to.”

All this just makes me like Lemmy all the more. I saw Motorhead in concert back in the late '80s and they were terrific. Lemmy was practically a stand-up comedian on stage. And, of course, the music blew me away.
A few months back, I picked up Lemmy's autobiography "White Line Fever." This just makes me want to take it off the shelf and read it all the more.
And if you want more of Lemmy's sage advice, check out the Motorhead Speaks section of their Web site, where Lemmy answers questions like:

Q: Hi this is for Lemmy.

I am Oliver and I am starting a band. Do you have any tips and can you think of some band names for me? I have been a big Motorhead fan for years and I still am. I also came to see your concert at Apollo.

Lemmy: (1) Don't get any married men or men w/live-in girldfriends in the band! Names? Ripsaw/Stranglefoot - I dunno!! Good luck.

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