Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I wrote today

Whoopee, right? Well, this is the first day I'm trying to combine my blogging and writing with the hope that it will inspire me to keep it up and do it more. If I know I want to blog about it everyday (excluding weekends), than it, with any luck, will give me the kind of structure I need to keep me writing. (As discussed originally, here.)
Anyway, I wrote just over 500 words today on a fantasy story set in some kind of alternate history. I thumbed through Charles Fort's "The Book of the Damned" to get an idea and now I'm trying to form some story around it. The alternate history aspect was really the only way I could make the idea -- related to Fort's concept of a Super Sargasso Sea and the idea of air becoming denser the higher you go (obviously something that wouldn't work with modern day physics, not something Fort would care about) -- part of the story. In a way, I'm trying to explore my own fantasy world in the way Ted Chiang did in "Tower of Babylon" (not that I have any presumption that I could do anything as good.)
The first day's work was just writing into the first paragraphs, getting an idea of what characters I started out with. Tomorrow I will try to think more about plot and how the interior lives of the characters relate to the concept. Or maybe I'll just write on, unguided.

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