Friday, January 27, 2006

Background set, story to begin

I didn't do too much writing today, but I think I accomplished something with the background of this story. I have a reason for everything to happen, a history of what's happening to the protagonist. That history won't be revealed, only hinted at in the story.
Starting Monday, I will write the actual first draft of the story. A plot has been built, point by point. The story could veer from that, but it creates a solid skeleton for the story. I also think I have both main characters pretty solidly set in my mind. Now the real work begins!

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Prof. Hex said...

Oh man you have go to check out my post on Don Glut. I think you wil love it....

Brian said...

I checked it out. That looks awesome. I'm going to [eventually] write something on it at the Giant Monster Blog. Thanks!