Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Toynbee tiles rise again

The Indy Star has a new article on the Toynbee Tiles. (Link found at the always interesting Professor Hex.) I wrote briefly about Toynbee Tiles back in Sept. 2003 (scroll down to the end of Sept. 9 entries). I think they are the most compelling modern weird mystery going. Who is putting these things in the ground and how are they doing it? Is it one person? What are they trying to say?
I keep trying to get to www.toynbee.net, probably the best site about the tiles, but the site seems to be down. However, the article does link to Resurrect Dead, another interesting page. Resurrect Dead has its own interesting set of links about the tiles. For concise introduction to the mystery of the tiles, check out the Wikipedia entry.


Donny D said...

To be honest, this is the first I have ever heard of these tiles, and I'm a Philly native. I can not imagine a better modern mystery, especially one which seems to have started in my own backyard. There seems to be a lot of bread crumbs that are out there. I think if someone could find out the identity of the so-called Railroad Joe a few more pieces to the puzzle would fall into place.

Brian said...

Or he could be just one more red herring. It's funny that the people attached to the mystery seem to have only a slight relation to what's going on. There isn't any indication Morasco could have done the trick with the tiles and there's no connection between Railroad Joe and conspiracy theories. It's just such an odd little mystery.
I do hope a little bit more information comes about. If we got a little bit of information every few years, that would keep the mystery compelling.
I'm really curious to see what this film, Ressurect Dead, digs up.
Thanks for commenting Donny D. Drop me a line if you go to see one of these tiles.