Thursday, January 12, 2006

An excellent Firefox add on

I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been writing longer posts lately. This is due to two things: the Performancing Firefox extension and writing at work. The second thing is self-explanatory, you get bored for a while, you start typing into email, clean it up the next day and have a post all set to go.

Performancing is an extension for Firefox that allows you to write blog posts in your browsing window. So I can be writing this post, but surfing the net on the top half of the page. This makes it much easier to find links while I'm writing. It also allows me to save my post drafts as notes. That way I can write something, put it away, read it later and make changes. (Technically, I could have done this with Blogger's draft function, but I've found that ocassionaly it would post my drafts. This way it's guaranteed not to do that.)

Also, Performancing gives you the option of adding Technorati tags to your posts, which I've been doing. I don't if that helps anybody, but I like it.

So anybody who has a blog and the Firefox browser, I strongly suggest you check out Performancing. I love it.


By the way, in other tech news, I may change my template again. I like this three column design, but I'm finding that I'm having problems with some Blogger functions. Nothing serious, but annoying enough that I may want to change back. We'll see.
Is there anybody out there who truly loves this design and would be sad to see me go back to the two column templates? Any suggestions as to which template I should choose?

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