Thursday, January 05, 2006

Writing up to a wall and resolutions

So, again I wrote, and I hit a wall in this story. Not a tall wall, something I should be able to get over fairly easily. But with the way I am, any wall is a danger. I just get to points in stories where I don't know where to go, how to make the characters go on to the next part of the action. Maybe that's the problem, maybe I'm forcing them into some action they don't want to do. But I feel that if I don't move them along, the story will just die on the vine, get soaked up in characters doing nothing. Tomorrow I'll try to write more and see if I can't get beyond this.
There's been a couple of interesting posts lately about writing. Livia Llewellyn blogs about writing longhand and trusting the body to lead. Chris Roberson, meanwhile, writes about New Year's resolutions and how an epiphany led him to a resolution that helped him create his writing career. It's an inspirational piece.
Which makes me think about resolutions and think that I should make one. I never have made it a habit to take up New Year's resolutions, but there is always a good time to start.
This year, I resolve to write, send out and see a story published. At least one, but hopefully more.
Certainly, the first two parts of this resolution shouldn't be difficult. I'm already writing, now I just have to follow it through to finishing, editing and sending it out. Then it's out of my control, but if I work at it over a whole year, how could I not publish a story? Right?

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