Friday, January 13, 2006

Scary videos

Two fascinating, frightening videos I'd like to pass along. The first is a powerful bit of Greenpeace propaganda. It appears they've taken the Lyndon Johnson approach to fighting nuclear power. As JeremyT says, it takes sheer balls to make a video like this.

The second video is "nonfiction." It's a video of an alien encounter. To me, it clearly seems fake, what with the cut and the horrible film quality. But nonetheless, it's fun stuff. Professor Hex calls it scarier than the scene in Signs. I don't think it's that good. On the other hand, if it was real, it would be scary as all get out. Here's the video. I was able to download it and play it RealPlayer, but I hear it can be played on Quicktime as well. You can read a thread about it here.


James Aach said...

I would strongly urge anyone interested in understanding a nuclear power plant accident to see my techno-thriller novel, "Rad Decision", available at no cost to readers at As a longtime nuclear energy worker I have provided an excellent inside look at the US version of the industry (good and bad), including how an accident would be handled. James Aach

"I'd like to see Rad Decision widely read." - Stewart Brand, founder of The Whole Earth Catalog

lcduplatt said...

Regarding scary videos, I thought you may like this…found this page of scary videos that are cool. Enjoy! Scary Videos