Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Esquire has a powerful, disturbing story about The Falling Man, a picture from Sept. 11 of a man who apparently jumped from the north tower. The story talks about the search for who the man might be.
But more importantly, it goes over how people felt about the "jumpers" on 9-11. It seems many people have angry feelings about this. They are angry that people jumped, that people lost hope, that they committed suicide. It's one of the many parts of Sept. 11 that people can't easily deal with, even two years later.
For me, I can't see judging these people. First of all, some of these people could have been blown out of the building. We don't know what exactly was going on inside. But those who did jump, what a horrible choice they faced. The fire, the building fall apart around them, or the long drop.
It's a tough article.

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