Friday, September 01, 2006

New review added

I've just added a review of the new "Gojira" DVD coming out from Classic Media. Go over to my Giant Monster Blog and check it out.


Wink said...

Got anything, besides Raylan, on
writers markets for profit on
the internet????
Have many many stories, but
I don't have any paying outlet for them.
Tried blogger: payout: $1.85
Tried triond: payout: $1.52
Any ezines out there willing to take a chance on a new writer?????

Sly Hoax said...

you could try They pay from $3 to $40 per article. Don't expect to ever get $40 , but I've been paid $11 for a few articles, and I have made $70 in two weeks, so they pay... Plus, they pay out 3 times a week through paypal no matter how much they owe you.

By the way, I'm researching triond. Please let me know how well they paid you... I mean , you say $1.52 . But is that for one article ? What kind of article? How long was it ? Have they paid you again for the same materials (they say they pay residual income)

I'm very curious. I'm actually working up a multiple income stream strategy to make some cash from writing.

Anthony J. Rapino said...

Wink, I have some listings on my page.