Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Prisoner remade?

Oh wow, The Prisoner may get a TV remake in Britain starring Christopher Eccleston (recently of Doctor Who.) This is the kind of thing I get all excited about and really worried about at the same time. The original was such a classic, it doesn't need to be remade. On the other hand, a remake (made well) could be really relevant today. Unfortunately, there's no mention whether Patrick McGoohan (the brains behind the original) will be involved. I'd feel much better if he were.
Here's hoping they do a good job.


writerfella said...

Hello, people --
In one and the same breath, you approve of remakes (DR. WHO) and then worry about them as well. The current version of DR. WHO is fun, thoughtful, sometimes so much off the wall that it amazes its audience. Consequently, could we not trust the Brits to do at least the same kind of creditable job on a remake of THE PRISONER. The Village still exists, those places where we stick people who know too much and no longer can be trusted to be out in the world on their own. In essence, they are a national resource, only 99.99% of us never see or hear from them ever again...

Brian said...

I would have been just as worried about the Doctor Who remake had I known about it earlier and I was a bigger Who fan.

I have every hope they are going to do a great job with The Prisoner. It's just that the original was so terrific, I don't want to see it marred in the public imagination by an inferior remake. Still, I will be among the first in line to see this if I can. I'm always willing to give it a chance.