Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Harlan Ellison interviewed

AZ Central interviews the "Grand master of fabulism" in advance of Saturday's Nebula event when he will be named Grand Master. He has some interesting things to say in the article, so I hope you click the link. But I couldn't help but chuckle over the image this quote provides:

And, of course, I still watch Judge Judy every day. You know, you can watch everything on television night and day and you will not see real people. But Judy, what it is is small-claims court, and you get the cadences of the voices of average people. You can see, sadly, how ignorant most people are these days.

I get a quaint image of the aging Ellison in a comfy chair, eagerly awaiting Judge Judy every afternoon.

I really wish Ellison was writing more these days. I haven't read a new story from him in ages.


Paul Jessup said...

According to the latest Locus, he trademarked his name. The funniest part was throughout the rest of the issue, there was a (tm) after every single mention of his name.

Brian said...

I'm assuming that's an April Fool's joke, right? Please? It's pretty funny though.

That gets back to my last point though, in the last decade, HE's been more famous for copyright fights (and television appearances) than his fiction. Get back to the fiction! (Or, have I missed something? If he has new ficton out there that I'm unaware of, please clue me in.)

writerfella said...

People --
writerfella knows that Harlan Ellison always is working on new stories and essays and articles. The only time writerfella ever saw Harlan NOT WORKING was when he was on pain relievers and diuretics because he was passing a kidney stone. Otherwise, he picks up a plexiglas cube from his desk (one of those designed for photo display) and reads the scraps of news articles or random phrases or even photos, and then begins to write a story based on one of the items so contained. Whether such a story finds completion very soon all depends on the current state of his chronic fatigue syndrome.
How does writerfella know this? Well, writerfella once had the run of the Ellison Wonderland as housesitter and proofreader for the Pyramid Uniform Harlan Ellison collection. Harlan Ellison was one of writerfella's teacher at the Clarion Workshop. writerfella even once had two stories placed in THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS, but those were withdrawn in 2001, as they were bought when writerfella was 30 and they were taken back when writerfella was 60. *sigh*
Harlan may watch Judge Judy, as he says, but writerfella knows it is NOT from a comfy chair.

Brian and Nancy said...

Thanks writerfella, I knew I'd get a comment from you on this one. I knew Ellison wasn't sitting in the comfy chair, that's why the image is so funny.

I'm glad to hear that he's still constantly writing. I'm just upset that I don't get to see those stories very often. The last new story I can remember from HE was a collection of vignettes that appeared in F&SF in 1998 or 1999 or thereabouts.

Ellison Wonderland always looked like a fascinating place in the old SciFi Buzz commentaries HE used to do. Must have been neat to be among all the man's best stuff.

Brian said...

That, by the way, was me with a different profile. Ignore that please.