Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Nowhere Man coming out on DVD

Finally Nowhere Man is coming out on DVD. Most of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. "Nowhere Man" was one of UPN's first shows. It lasted only one season, scheduled right before the abysmal "Star Trek: Voyager."
The show was a combination of "The Prisoner" and "The Fugitive" combined with the fear of identity theft. As the show begins, photographer Thomas Veil is happy with his wife and job. Then he's kidnapped. He escapes only to find that no one remembers him and on paper he officially doesn't exist. All he has to go on is a set of photos that the people who kidnapped him want. So from week to week, Veil travels the country trying to find out who did this to him, without being caught by those same people.
Watching the show on DVD will be frustrating for two reasons:
1. There won't be anymore episodes.
2. It ended on a wild cliff hanger.
Still, I can't wait to get it and see it again. There were some really great surreal episodes in there. There will also be commentaries and deleted scenes on the DVDs, so hopefully some answers will be revealed.

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Thomas Veil said...

Cool. I took my screen name from the show and have been using the name "Thomas Veil" for several years now.

I've been waiting to see it come out on DVD, or at the very least as reruns on Sci Fi or something. There was one episode which I was frustrated at never having seen...and the series as a whole was just wonderfully weird.

I'm much obliged to you for pointing this out. Thanks!

Thomas Veil