Thursday, October 07, 2004

Writing: Avoiding it and new gadgets for it

Rick Klaw has written a fun article on the strategies writers use to avoid writing. Jonathan Carroll uses the word pochkey for the way writers find paper clips and dirty dishes far more fascinating at the moment they need to write. I also like Jeffrey Ford's justification for avoiding writing:

All that brain bubbling, day dreaming, loafing, is part of the deal. Actually, it's an important part of the deal. Show me someone who can't squander time sitting in a graveyard, drinking MD 20/20, or engage in a contest against a kid to see who has the truer aim with a dart pistol, training your sights on a wind-up penguin, or teach a dog how to sing Jingle Bells, and I'll show you a potential failure at the writing game. When my wife catches me on the couch, napping, I tell her, "Hey, baby, I'm the hardest working man in town."

All this is even more interesting to me because I've gone ahead and signed up for another year of Nanowrimo. I'm also trying to write a few other things before October is finished.
To facilitate all this writing I want to do, I've picked up a new gadget. The Alphasmart Neo is basically a keyboard with a word processing program attached. It's smaller than a laptop and hooks up to your computer through a USB cable to download your writings.
The good thing about this is the Neo offers nothing other than writing tools. No Internet connection. No games. And I won't be locked down to one room. So now I'll have no excuse not to write. I ordered the Neo last night and am told the company usually delivers in a week. I'll write my thoughts on it after I receive it.

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