Friday, October 22, 2004

Films and the story of your life

Edward Champion follows up a post by J-Fly and comes up with something for me to blog about. Here's the two step process and my answers:
STEP ONE: Name your five favorite films off the top of your head and write brief summary.

GODZILLA: A giant monster attacks Tokyo. Only one man has the ability to destroy it, but he refuses to bring his invention into the world because it will only cause more destruction. He eventually gives in, but only by killing himself and with it, the formula for the devastating weapon.
CITIZEN KANE: A man rebels against his rich guardian, starts a newspaper and becomes a rich tycoon. In the process, he loses the ideals he once stood for.
ROYAL TENENBAUMS: An absent patriarch returns to his family to stop his wife from remarrying. In the process, he learns what he has missed and decides to make it up to them.
NIGHT OF THE HUNTER: Serial killer hides behind the word of God and tries to get the secret of hidden money from two children. They escape downriver and are only saved by the kindness of a true Christian woman who takes in stray children.
STAR WARS TRILOGY: (OK, technically not one movie) Young Skywalker is thrown into adventure and finds religion. In the process, he redeems his father who has been turned to the dark side.

STEP TWO: "Chances are, those films will tell essentially the same story. And chances are, your films will tell that story too. Because that is your story."
So here's what I see the common theme to be: People sin in some way and must take responsibility for their actions, otherwise they are destroyed.

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