Tuesday, August 17, 2004

New blog and another cultural concurrence index

Claude Lalumiere has created a Lost Pages | Found Pages blog to go along with his Lost Pages Web site. The first entry is his Lost Pages Cultural Concurrence Index, based on the same idea that was previously used by Terry Teachout and The Mumpsimus. I, of course, am a sucker for this. So here is my LPCCI (Lalumiere's choices are on the left, mine are in bold):
1. Adbusters -or- No Logo
2. Alan Moore -or- Neil Gaiman
3. Alien -or- Aliens
4. Audrey Hepburn -or- Katharine Hepburn
5. Bartók -or- Mozart
6. Björk -or- Madonna
7. Blade Runner -or- RoboCop
8. body -or- soul [This question seems really, really difficult to me.]
9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer -or- Wonder Woman
10. Burning Chrome -or- Neuromancer [Haven't read the novel in years though, so really, I'm not sure.]
11. Carol Lay -or- Lynn Johnston [Lay's a cartoonist right? I don't know Johnston.]
12. Chinatown -or- Taxi Driver
13. Chuck Jones -or- Walt Disney
14. Clint Eastwood -or- John Wayne
15. Cole Porter -or- the Gershwins [in concept, I don't know enough about either.]
16. comics on matte paper -or- comics on glossy paper
17. crime fiction -or- murder mysteries
18. Danger Man/Secret Agent -or- The Prisoner
19. David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch -or- David Cronenberg's Crash
20. David Fincher's Seven -or- Bryan Singer's The Usual Suspects
21. David Lynch -or- Spike Jonze
22. David Pringle's Interzone -or- John W. Campbell's Astounding [I haven't read interzone]
23. Do the Right Thing -or- 25th Hour
24. Dorothy Parker -or- Sylvia Plath
25. Dr. Strangelove -or- Hiroshima, mon amour
26. Dune -or- Foundation
27. Ed the Happy Clown, by Chester Brown -or- Louis Riel, by Chester Brown
28. Festen (The Celebration) -or- Dancer in the Dark [Though I've never seen Festen.]
29. Fredric Brown's crime fiction -or- Fredric Brown's SF [Again, haven't read the first choice.]
30. Greek gods -or- Roman gods
31. Gregory Peck -or- Cary Grant
32. Groucho Marx -or- Charlie Chaplin
33. H.G. Wells -or- Jules Verne
34. Iggy Pop -or- Lou Reed
35. The Ipcress File -or- On Her Majesty's Secret Service [Bond novels?]
36. J.G. Ballard -or- Brian Aldiss
37. Jack Kirby -or- Stan Lee
38. Jacques Brel -or- Frank Sinatra
39. Jaime Hernandez -or- Gilbert Hernandez
40. James Bond -or- Austin Powers
41. Jim Jarmusch -or- Hal Hartley
42. Jim Thompson -or- James M. Cain
43. Jimi Hendrix -or- Eric Clapton
44. Joe Jackson -or- Elvis Costello
45. John Coltrane -or- Bill Evans
46. John Sayles -or- David Mamet
47. John Waters -or- Russ Meyer
48. John Zorn -or- Brian Eno
49. Jonathan Carroll -or- Stephen King
50. Joni Mitchell -or- Cassandra Wilson
51. juice -or- coffee
52. Kill Bill -or- Jackie Brown
53. The Larry Sanders Show -or- Curb Your Enthusiasm
54. living with animals -or- eating animals [I do both.]
55. M*A*S*H -or- All in the Family
56. Michael Chabon -or- Jonathan Lethem [Though I haven't read enough Lethem to really compare.]
57. Miles Davis -or- Duke Ellington
58. Neil Young -or- Bob Dylan
59. Noam Chomsky -or- Christopher Hitchens [Not that I agree with him, I'd just rather read him.]
60. nonsmoking -or- smoking
61. nudity -or- fetish
62. O'Neil/Adams on Batman -or- O'Neil/Adams on Green Lantern/Green Arrow [No idea.]
63. Ornette Coleman -or- Steve Coleman
64. Orson Welles -or- Alfred Hitchcock
65. Pacey -or- Dawson [Never watched the show.]
66. paperbacks -or- hardcovers
67. Peanuts -or- Doonesbury
68. Philip José Farmer -or- Kurt Vonnegut
69. The Police -or- Sting
70. Portishead -or- Radiohead
71. punk -or- rap
72. R.A. Lafferty -or- C.S. Lewis
73. Rashomon -or- In the Realm of the Senses [Haven't seen either.]
74. Robert Silverberg -or- Harlan Ellison [Nearly too close to call.]
75. Roger Zelazny in the 1960s -or- Roger Zelazny in the 1970s [This is an assumption. I haven't paid enough attention to when he wrote what.]
76. Rolling Stones -or- Beatles [Close though. If the Stones had quit before 1985, they might have an edge.]
77. Roseanne -or- Seinfeld
78. Roxy Music -or- Pink Floyd
79. science fiction's New Wave -or- French cinema's Nouvelle Vague
80. The Secret History -or- The Little Friend [No idea.]
81. The Shadow -or- The Punisher
82. Sherlock Holmes -or- Dracula
83. Smallville -or- Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie
84. Smokey Robinson -or- Stevie Wonder
85. The Sopranos -or- Law & Order
86. Stand on Zanzibar -or- Gravity's Rainbow [Haven't read either, yet.]
87. Susie Bright -or- Andrea Dworkin [Don't know. Not sure I care.]
88. Thelma & Louise -or- Sex in the City
89. Theodore Sturgeon -or- Philip K. Dick [Man, is that one tough.]
90. Tom Waits -or- Leonard Cohen
91. Ursula K. Le Guin -or- Marion Zimmer Bradley
92. Vaughn Bodé -or- Robert Crumb
93. The Virgin Suicides -or- The Breakfast Club
94. walking -or- driving
95. Warren Ellis -or- Garth Ennis [Though if I ever get around to Transmetropolitan and Orbiter, this could change.]
96. The White Stripes -or- Red Hot Chili Peppers [Based on latest albums.]
97. Will Eisner -or- Art Spiegelman
98. XTC in the 1980s -or- XTC in the 1990s [Skylarking was in the 1980s, right?]
99. Y Tu Mamá También -or- Once upon a Time in Mexico
100. Zatanna -or- Vampirella
I got 62 percent.

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