Friday, August 06, 2004

A meme before flying

All right, so I found one more thing to blog about, another silly list. I don't know if any of you care about this sort of thing, but I love it. Here's a list of the Online Film Critic's Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s and I've bolded what I've seen. I think the list is kind of strange, since most of the top films were considered hits for the independent market. Here goes:
O.F.C.S.'s Top 100 Overlooked Films of the 1990s
1 Miller's Crossing
2 Safe
3 The Sweet Hereafter
4 Lone Star
5 Heavenly Creatures
6 Waiting for Guffman
7 The Hudsucker Proxy
8 Babe: Pig in the City
9 Dead Man
10 Fearless
11 Bound
12 Chungking Express
13 The Straight Story
14 Searching for Bobby Fischer
15 Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai
16 That Thing You Do!
17 Dead Again
18 Sneakers
19 Zero Effect
20 The Butcher Boy
21 Truly, Madly, Deeply
22 In the Company of Men
23 Devil in a Blue Dress
24 The Red Violin
25 Cemetery Man
26 Hamlet
27 Breakdown
28 Welcome to the Dollhouse
29 The Apostle
30 Eve's Bayou
31 Hard Eight
32 Defending Your Life
33 A Little Princess
34 Bringing Out the Dead
35 Hana-Bi (Fireworks)
36 Jacob's Ladder
37 The Spanish Prisoner
38 Pump Up the Volume
39 Beautiful Girls
40 The Double Life of Veronique
41 Very Bad Things
42 Richard III
43 October Sky
44 Strange Days
45 My Neighbor Totoro
46 L.A. Story
47 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
48 A Bronx Tale
49 The Limey
50 A Perfect World
51 Before Sunrise
52 Bob Roberts
53 Dick
54 Raise the Red Lantern
55 One False Move
56 The Ref
57 Exotica
58 Sonatine
59 Joe Versus the Volcano
60 Matinee
61 The Ice Storm
62 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
63 Croupier
64 The Winslow Boy
65 Girl on the Bridge
66 Bullet in the Head
67 Darkman
68 Cannibal! The Musical
69 Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
70 Smoke
71 The Last Days of Disco
72 Fresh
73 Eye of God
74 Flirting with Disaster
75 Bottle Rocket
76 Ashes of Time
77 Fallen Angels
78 Great Expectations
79 Kundun
80 A Midnight Clear
81 Deep Cover
82 Ravenous
83 Twin Falls, Idaho
84 The People vs. Larry Flynt
85 Quick Change
86 The Secret of Roan Inish
87 Beloved
88 Big Night
89 Topsy-Turvy
90 Living in Oblivion
91 Jesus' Son
92 Glengarry Glen Ross
93 Chaplin [In no way does this belong here.]
94 Dead Alive
95 Jude
96 Cradle Will Rock [or this]
97 Proof
98 The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl
99 Titus
100 Mystery Men [This was not overlooked, it was deservedly passed over.]
I'm a little astounded at some of the choices here. How is "That Thing You Do!" overlooked? And "Big Night" has been lauded across the country. What's the criteria for overlooked here? Well, most of these films were good anyway. I'm glad to see Cemetery Man up there.
All right, that's it, I'm leaving.


Anneke said...

Make sure you see "La double vie de Véronique" or "The double life of Véronique"

Brian said...

Why is that? Tell me about the Double Life of Veronique. Why would I like it? I want to know.
Also, interesting blog you've got.

Anneke said...

Why " La double vie"? Difficult to explain. The whole mood and atmosphere around it is very special. It is a bit like in the movie " The girl with the pearl earring", the actress doesn't say much but really àcts the part. So far the comparison betwen these two movies. The story is completely different. You have to go with the flow because if you get annoid by a story that doesn't make sense from the beginning, it is not your kind of movie. Lots of words just to tell you that you have to go and see it, to be able to tell if it is your cup of tea.
I found you a more proffesional description of the movie maybe that is more convincing then my attempts :-) :
Like much of Kieslowski’s work, La Double vie de Véronique is less about telling a story than providing an experience. Somewhere between ghost story and a traditional romance, the film manages to latch onto the spectator’s senses without feeling the need to justify itself. At one level, it is a magnificent abstract work of art; at another, it is a captivating piece of cinema which will leave an indelible impression on anyone who watches it.

Or you can see it simply for the actress herself...

Anneke said...

OK, I found at least three spelling mistakes... sorry for that...