Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Virtual Anthology returns

Jeffrey Ford has announced he's bringing back The Virtual Anthology.

I began The Virtual Anthology with the inception of Gabe Chouinard's S1ngularity Webzine. The idea was to compile the Table of contents for an anthology of the Literature of the Fantastic that would suit my own tastes. In other words, I got to play virtual editor. What I did was write little pieces, not critiques or reviews or essays really, appreciations of those stories I chose to be included.

Ford had only just gotten started when the e-zine was shut down. The potential for the series was obvious, especially for a big Jeffrey Ford fan like myself. But also for anyone who is interested in fantasy literature. Ford was looking across the fields of stories to find his works. The first three stories he chose were from Henry James, Ray Bradbury and Akutagawa. Imagine where he'd go from there. So I'm cheered to hear it's coming back.
Fantastic Metropolis will be the host for the anthology. Apparently, the site is preparing for a redesign and The Virtual Anthology will be part of that.

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