Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Memorizing poetry

Our Girl in Chicago, over at About Last Night, posts about memorizing poetry and whether it should be taught in school. She argues that it should be. She argues that it does not make people look at poetry by rote, instead it gets them closer to the poetry and makes them understand its inner workings.
She makes a convincing argument. I wish I had been forced to memorize a poem or two. Or even the Gettysburg Address. I didn't have to memorize anything in school. While I was probably happy about that then, I regret it now.
But I wonder if this is something worth doing at my age. I would like to know poetry better. I own many collections of poetry, but I spend little time with any of them. Most of my time is spent on novels and short stories.
I think I'll take OGIC's advice and start memorizing Kubla Khan, a poem I've always loved anyway.

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