Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New pulp reprints

Has anyone seen these in stores, repackaged Shadow and Doc Savage novels by Nostalgia Ventures? (Link found at gamera_spinning) I've collected many of the old Bantam reprints of the Doc Savage novels and I have a couple of the Shadow reprint novels (although I've only read "The Romanoff Jewels"), but this is the first time in years that I think they have been in print. (I also have some The Spider reprints, but Nostalgia Ventures doesn't seem to be doing anything with that series.)

What's interesting about these reprints, according to the Web site, is that they include historical information by Anthony Tollin and Will Murray. I know Murray's name as both the writer of many of the Destroyer (Remo Williams!) novels and as a pulp expert. Apparently, Tollin and Murray have also written Doc Savage novels "in collaboration" with original writer Lester Dent. The reprints also have the original illustrations and covers. I'm sorely tempted to pick these up. They are apparently available at Barnes & Noble and Borders.

If all these names (Shadow, Doc Savage, Operator #5) are unknown or confusing to you, get educated at: PulpWiki, The Hero Pulps!, Wikipedia entry, and The Pulp Gallery. For more on The Destroyer see Here's more on the movie Remo Williams.

Most of my pulp reprint needs, though, are usually served by Adventure House and High Adventure magazine. That's how I collected almost the entire "Purple Invasion" stories from Operator #5.


Sidney said...

I have seen those "Doc Savage" reprints but I haven't picked any up yet. I love Doc and The Shadow, and I am glad to see they're becoming available again.

I have quite a few of the Bantam books but Doc should be in print.

I have a few "Spider" reprints from a few years back but I believe those were always harder to find.

I'm glad to hear about the Adventure House items and I will look those up.

Brian said...

Thanks for the input, Sidney. I just tried looking for the books at my local Barnes & Nobles but with no luck. There's one Borders, I may try that before I just order them online.

I think everybody who likes the pulps owns at least a few of those Doc Savage reprints, they seem to be in every used book store in the world. And, yeah, the Spider reprints were hard to find, but I lucked out. I found about six different copies at a remainders store once.

I hope you enjoy the Adventure House site, I've had a lot of luck with them.

Prof. Hex said...

I picked up a Doc and a Shadow but I've been so busy I haven't had time to look at them yet. Interestingly, they had them at Borders but they were on the shelves under the publisher's name instead of the authors - first time I'd ever seen that.

And Adventure House rules.

Bud Mathias said...

Adventure House doesn't carry everything. The last three books I wanted to order that definitely deal with pulps, they did not carry. And when I asked, it took John a few days to get back to me to tell me he doesn't carry it. And months later at Pulpfest, when I asked if he had them then so I could buy them, he said no. If someone asks for a title of a book about pulps, I would think he'd carry it. is better.