Friday, February 17, 2006

New writing gadget

I downloaded something new. It's called yWriter and it's a program to help you create writing in a project format. (Link found via Paperback Writer.) It breaks down your stories scene by scene (or chapter by chapter). This was a perfect thing for the work I've been doing on my current story since I approached it exactly that way. Plus, yWriter allows you to add character notes, goals and conflict notes for scenes, and even allows you to keep track of the time elapsed in your narrative.

I must admit, downloading freeware like this is mostly a way for me not to write. I fidget around with the program, get everything sorted in it exactly right. All of which just eats away my writing time. Despite that, the program actually was helpful. I started going through the pieces I've written so far and editing them. They're not as bad as I thought. This will hopefully put me back on track. I've been writing different versions of the same scenes, over and over. And it's not helping. Getting organized with this program helped me get it all in order and figure out what I'm doing. I may even be nearing a finished first draft, just some connective tissue needs to be added. I can hardly believe it.

Actually, maybe that first draft should be amended to say "zeroth draft." When I read writers' blogs, they seem to write a first draft and then send the thing out to their first readers. I don't think my first draft of this story would be ready for anybody. Is this me being too cautious over my drafting? Or is it that writers get better over time and their first drafts are just cleaner and better?


Prof. Hex said...

You're probably are being too cautious about your first draft - I would just set a deadline for sending it out to your first readers. That way you can have as many drafts as you can get done before you send it out- but it has to go out on your target date. Also, while your readers go over it, you can develop a sense of distance while you work on something else. I know that deadlines work well for me at work. It has to go out when it has to go out whether I'm happy with it or not.

Brian said...

Yeah, that's a good way to approach it. As soon as I finish this draft, that's exactly what I'll do. Interested in being a first reader? At the moment, I have no writers to read this. Either way, thanks for the comments and advice.

Prof. Hex said...

Absolutely, I'd love to read it. You can send it to the Professor's email if you like, when you're ready.

Brian said...

Thanks very much Professor, it is very much appreciated. I'll try not to make it too painful.