Friday, November 05, 2004

Giant squid on the march

This story is fun for its headline alone: Giant squid 'taking over world.' According to the article, giant squid have a greater biomass on the planet than humans do. Apparently, there are fewer predators of these cephalapods.
The scientists in the story seem to refer to cephalapods without mention of giant squid. I wonder if they mean giant squid or just squid in general? And if it is true that there are so many giant squid, why haven't we captured a live one yet? I don't get it. The world continues to confound us.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of Jonathan Carroll? You'd like "the Wooden Sea".

Brian said...

Yes, I like much of Caroll's work. I just recently read "Bones of the Moon." My favorites are "Marriage of Sticks" and "The Land of Laughs." Unfortunately, I haven't read the "Wooden Sea" yet. What made you think of Carroll for me?