Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Grad student or cult leader?

Former students make claim that Wheaton College did not protect them for a grad student who is also a cult leader. Apparently, he believes in corporal punishment:
Andreson, who tried four times to flee before finally breaking free in 2002, says she was forced to stay awake for days, had to stand in frigid weather in just a T-shirt for hours and was made to flog other members. Golwalla also made her abuse herself, once forcing her to screw a jagged coat hanger into her face.
She described the Maryland basement as a ``torture chamber,'' and said the hot-tempered cultist once kicked her to the ground and threw a book at her head. He wouldn't let her call her family, monitored her phone calls and e-mails and forced her to slap herself in the face, pull out tufts of her own hair and bang her head on the floor until it bled. Her punishment for questioning Golwalla on one occasion: She had to lick a filthy bathroom floor.
"It was definitely evil,'' she recalled. ``It was so isolated. That basement was my whole life and Feroze was my God.''

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